Many times we enjoyed the beautiful nature in USA. There we made all these amateur pictures presented in the image Gallery. All images are taken with low-cost camera equipment. Nevertheless, many of them are very suitable for postcard size copies (at least).

For copyright protection all images shown are in low resolution and medium compression quality. Most images are scanned from slides. Also these scans were not made in highest quality (as multiple scan for noise reduction etc.)

High-resolution images or slides are available on request. Please send me an email to address listed at the end of this page.

Images of our family

Daniela enjoys a Lake Powell Tour

Cornelia, Bruno & Olivia Waser in Zion National Park

Bruno is running around a Sequoia tree

Cornelia & Olivia Waser sitting before the Nation's Christmas Tree

And here some images taken from the balcony at home

Winter-time at Home Summer-time at Home

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